Vapour phase carbon vessels or GACs are typically deployed at the discharge of a soil vapour extraction (SVE) or high vacuum multi-phase extraction (MPE) system (or off-gas from an air stripper).  Vapours are typically discharged straight to atmosphere from the final vessel.  Vessels are equipped with sample points for collection of air samples for testing or lab analysis.

  • Extremely simple and potentially low cost treatment solution;
  • Mechanically basic with little potential for breakdown;
  • Highly efficient treatment solution;
  • Suitable for a very wide range of hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons;
  • Swift vessels swap out service with Jacobi vessels means no on-site carbon changes.


tipSafety Warning!
Do not allow concentrations in excess of 20% of LEL to pass through the activated carbon. At concentrations in excess of this, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion from the heat of the adsorption reaction.


tipTech Tip:
Care should be taken to minimise moisture content in order to maintain performance and to control heat.