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Steam Injection Remediation UK Case Studies

Steam Injection Remediation Case Studies Land contamination issues can be resolved with Steam Injection systems from Cornelsen. By the injection of a steam / air mixture the substrate is heated mainly by convection, inducing the mobilisation of contaminants and volatilisation of the compounds within the aquifer. The temperature is continually monitored as it permeates into […]

Treatment of PFC Contaminants – PerfluorAd

Combating PFC Contaminated Water Over the course of the last 9 years, Cornelsen has been leveraging it’s expertise in the design and implementation of water treatment technologies together with the UMSICHT Fraunhofer Institute to develop a new technically efficient and economical treatment process for Perflourinated and Polyflourinated chemicals (PFC). These PFCs are fluorinated organic compounds […]

Enhancing Sustainability of Vapour Phase Activated Carbon

Increasing the Efficiency and Sustainability of Vapour Phase Activated Carbon The performance of activated carbon is of course variable depending on the contaminant.  Some organic compounds adsorb to vapour phase activated carbon very efficiently indeed, sometimes in excess of 40% weight for weight, others conversely adsorb very poorly.  For vapour phase activated carbon the efficiency […]

Steam Injection Remediation

Steam Injection Remediation by Cornelsen With UK project experience delivering both in-situ thermal desorption (ISTD) and steam injection remediation systems, developed over the course of the last 7 years, Cornelsen undertook its second major steam injection project in the UK in 2014. Compressed Air and Steam Unlike conventional steam injection, Cornelsen, together with our partner […]

Cornelsen Expansion

Company News 2015 Cornelsen Expansion 2014 was Cornelsen’s busiest year.  This included the recruitment of two new engineers and our second apprentice engineer; our previous apprentice Ben now being a fully qualified Service Engineer and PLC programmer. September 2014 also saw us break ground on a new office and workshop facility near Bristol.   This […]

Major Pilot Trailer Upgrade

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new remediation feasibility test pilot trailer.  With all the same processes available to test as the previous system, our new Pilot test trailer adds continuous data logging with real time remote visualization. This affords the facility for remote supervision by the Project or Technical Manager complete with real-time on-line […]