Brushing filters

  • Heavy duty filter for high flow rates and high dirt loads.
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel options. Special alloys available upon request.
  • No interruption of downstream flow during cleaning
  • Flow rates up to 5,700m3/hr
  • 10,000 – 200 micron filtration degrees
  • 1 bar minimum operation pressure
  • Self lubricating bearings

This range of automatic brush filters use a pair of stainless steel or nylon brushes to remove the filter cake from the filter screen, once a predetermined differential pressure has been reached.

Filter screens are constructed of perforated 316L stainless steel for filtration degrees 10mm – 1mm and 316L stainless steel wedge wire for 800micron to 200micron.

The construction is capable of 10bar operation as standard, and 16bar by request, and stainless steel options are available.

The Filtering Process
Raw water enters the inside of patented “cross screen” cylinder from the filter’s inlet and flows through the screen to the filter’s outlet. The gradual dirt building up on the inner screen surface causes a filter cake to develop with a corresponding increase in the pressure differential across the screen. A pressure differential switch senses the pressure differential when it reaches the preset value or after a preset time has elapsed, and the cleaning process begins. Manual activation of the cleaning cycle is also available.

The Self-Cleaning Process
Cleaning of the filter is carried out by a brush system. The exhaust valve opens and the drive unit starts to rotate the stainless steel/nylon brushes, which sweep the inner surface of the cylindrical screen. The particles trapped on the screen are dislodged by the brushes and flushed out the exhaust valve. During the self-cleaning process, filtered water continues to flow.

The self-cleaning cycle is initiated as a result of any of the following:

  • Receiving a signal from the pressure differential switch
  • Time interval parameter
  • Manual activation

A you tube video of the cleaning process can be found here:

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