Flocculants, coagulants, complexing agents, scale inhibitors, pH Adjustment

Cornelsen offers a wide range of chemicals and associated dosing systems for the typical problems encountered during water treatment and water filtration.



We offer solutions for:

  • Clays, brick dust, cement. Typical at construction sites these very fine particulates are less than 2 micron or colloidal and therefore cannot be removed by even efficiently designed separators such as the Siltbuster or our own lamella separators. In such cases very efficient particulate treatment is likely to be required (such as the Cornelsen Vortex AMF filter which can remove 86% of 0.45 micron particulates) and potentially chemical treatment also. Typical dosing products will include flocculants and coagulants. pH Adjustment may also be required;
  • Precipitation of calcium carbonate (scale) and hydroxides such as iron and manganese, clogging pipeworks, pumps and vessels, and most especially affecting the performance of plant such as air strippers; Typical chemicals will include proprietary complexing agents and scale inhibitors. pH adjustment, may also be required;
  • Bacteriological growth and fouling. Typically associated with hydroxides and petroleum hydrocarbons, chemical treatment can be impractically costly. Nonetheless proprietary sequestering / complexing agents can be help prevent the formation of bio fouling. The Cornelsen Vortex AMF filter is particularly effective at preventing the seeding of bio-fouling within the filter