Silt, clays and other particulates are frequently the feature of a groundwater remediation or dewatering project which can lead to the highest maintenance and can inhibit the performance of other elements of a treatment system.  Construction site dewatering projects are particularly susceptible to solids and clogging of a treatment system or to colloidal material passing right through the treatment plant – leading to highly discoloured discharge water.

To complement our filtration, separation and chemical dosing systems we will readily undertake on site testing of your water and/or take (or receive) samples for testing at our workshop or to our partners Industrial Purification systems for and/or particulate size analysis.  There is usually no charge for this service where our own plant is to be used, however, we are not a laboratory and we would encourage our clients to get TSS and particulate size distributions down to 1 micron wherever possible from their lab while undertaking routine chemical analysis.  These low cost tests will save a lot of time and allow effective planning of the treatment plant.

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