Our own team of highly trained and qualified engineers, electricians and technicians, provide us the ability to keep our electrical & control works ‘in-house’, allowing us to ensure high standards of design and build without having to outsource work and risk the inevitable delays or errors that may otherwise occur.
    Our in-house abilities allow for full scale test running or simulation and subsequent optimisation or adaptation of hardware or software as required:

  • We design and build our own bespoke control panels;
  • We undertake PLC programming in – house;
  • We offer remote SMS alarms as well as dial–in remote interrogation and control via GSM;
  • We provide ATEX training to all our electrical and design staff, to ensure ATEX compliant control systems
  • We will integrate our control systems to existing site control / management systems as necessary, such as SCADA, BIM or other fault / data reporting systems with integration options supported by our PLC’s
  • We offer control system performance upgrades and will happily undertake a cost free assessment of your plant’s upgrade potential;

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