The Crossflow Advanced Media Filter (AMF) is a significant development in Water Filtration using high efficiency media filtration technology.  The Crossflow filters is a very high efficiency automatic self-cleaning system.  Not only do these filters offer an unmatched filtration performance of 0.45 μ they drastically reduce the backwash water demand and the footprint of the water treatment plant.

The system utilises a unique patented vortex bed stabiliser which maintains flat bed filtration with high surface turbulence. This ensures that no bio-fouling can be seeded whilst holding filtered contamination in suspension above the media bed. This gives lower pressure drops, longer filtration cycles and shorter backwash making direct savings on operational costs for groundwater remediation or water treatment.

Vortex filter for groundwater filtration
Dual Vortex high efficiency particulate filter
Crossflow particulate fitler for water treatment



Problems with Water Filtration

* High TSS, silts, clays, cement, brick dust?
* Meeting your discharge consent?
* High turbidity, discoloured effluent?
* Blocked sand filters?
* Iron oxides, biological fouling


Introducing the Crossflow Advanced Media Filter (AMF)

* Compact, small footprint
* 5 x flow rate of conventional filters
* Fully Automatic
* Modular construction, flow rates from 3 to 1000m3 /hr
* Filtration down to 0.45 micron
* No bio-fouling
* Small backwash volumes (60 to 200 L)
* No need to empty and dispose of contaminated media
* Huge savings in manpower and operational cost


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The high interstitial void volume of the media allows for greater solids holding capacity and contamination interaction for the zeta potential of the media to remove the finer particulates down to less than 0.45 micron.  Compared with conventional filters, the inlet configuration allows for high flow rates, these being 5 times higher than the normal accepted flux rates.

Backwash volume used is also significantly lower, especially when the longer operational period is taken into consideration.  It is also more effective with backwash times per unit being as low as 2 minutes.

All this means that the Vortex AMF filter has been shown to provide a high efficiency removal rate of over 86% at 1.0 micron.

The Process

A true tangential inlet is created by relocating on the side of the vessel, rather than the centre line. The flow is higher than a conventional media filter and bio-fouling is effectively removed by the vortex flow within the filter and the continuous bed movement.  As the solids are in the water above the filter bed, rather than within it, the backflush is quicker and uses less water.

The Patented ‘Vortex Stabiliser’ ensures filtration stability as well as bed movement with high flow rates and anti bio fouling. By introducing a percentage of the process water to the eye of the vortex via the stabiliser, a flat but fluidised bed is achieved facilitating a filtration flow rate 5-6 times higher than a conventional media filter filtering only to 20 micron is achieved. Contamination is removed to less that 1.0 micron with consistent performance results

Key Advantages

  • Five times the flow of conventional media filters yet with enhanced performance and low pressure drop;
  • Filtration down to 0.45 micron;
  • Small backwash volumes (from 60 to 200 litres only);
  • No bio-fouling;
  • Uses an advanced media with Zeta potential for enhanced filtration of <10 micron particles;
  • Small footprint;
  • Modular construction flows from 3m3/hr-1000m3/hr as standard;
  • PED 5500;
  • Working pressures from 2-10 barg;
  • Unique patented technology

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Sand Filters
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