oxygen diffusion groundwater remediation


Remediation Systems

gPRO High Pressure Gas Infusion in-situ bioremediation

The gPRO® HP production process entails delivering gas by mass transfer through hollow fibres mounted in pressurised fibre modules. For gases such as oxygen, 25-150 mg/l of dissolved oxygen can be produced. Dissolved gas concentrations can be adjusted to suit specific conditions. Typically the process is used to infuse gas into abstracted and treated groundwater for re-injection for enhanced biodegradation.


The gPRO® HP then delivers the gas infused water via a distribution header back to groundwater.  Pressure is regulated in order to ensure that the dissolved gas does not come out of solution prior to re-injection.  The gPRO® HP is best suited to enhance existing groundwater pump and treat systems coupled with groundwater re-injection.

The gPRO® HP is a simple to use, low energy, low maintenance bioremediation system that will treat a multitude of contaminants aerobically or anaerobically (depending upon the gas infused):

Treatable Contaminants


  • Hydrocarbons (Oxygen)
  • MTBE (Oxygen)
  • CAH (VC) (Oxygen)
  • CAH (TCE, DCE) (Oxygen and Alkane Gas)
  • 1,4 Dioxane (Oxygen andAlkane Gas)
  • Ammonia (Oxygen)


  • CAH (Hydrogen)
  • Nitrate (Hydrogen)
  • Perchlorate (Hydrogen)
  • Chrome 6 (Hydrogen or Hydrogen Sulfide)

gPRO® HP can also be utilized with carbon dioxide or ammonia for pH adjustment
Key Benefits

  • Low power consumption and installation costs;
  • Use of 1/2 inch or larger diameter wells
  • Inject treated discharge water or freshwater
  • Infuses ANY miscible gas into water
  • Can drastically reduces Pump and Treat times
  • Higher dissolved gas levels at ambient pressure
  • Increased biological degradation rates
  • No gas loss or off gassing or risk of vapour intrusion
  • No preferential pathways
  • No gas entrapment leading to mounding
  • An oxygen generator (for oxygen applications) can be integrated, in place of oxygen cylinders