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Supply installation and

Rapid Mobilisation


Advanced Vortex filtration


Flow rates from 1 or 2m3 to

Control Systems, telemetry and
SMS alarms

Automated backwash systems


Flow rates from 1 or 2m3 to

Control Systems, telemetry and
SMS alarms

Automated backwash systems

Groundwater Remediation Systems

Cornelsen delivers a wide range of groundwater treatment solutions for the treatment or organic and inorganic substances.  We offer a rapid response capability mobilising plant from our yard.

We hold in stock a wide range of water treatment plant in our yard for rapid mobilisation.  Stock water treatment systems include:

  • Very high efficiency automatic self-cleaning filters. Not only do these filters offer an unmatched filtration performance of 0.45 μ they drastically reduce the backwash water demand and the footprint of the water treatment plant.
  • Sedimentation tanks and lamella tilted plate separators for separation of suspended solids. The Lamella tilted plate separators are manufactured in our own workshops.
  • Chemical dosing systems and static mixers for water softening, iron or calcium carbonate sequestration and for flocculation and coagulant to enhance the separation of suspended solids
  • Oil/water separators (OWS) including our own designed compact lamella separators designed with both down and up flow configuration for combined suspended solids and oil/water separation;
  • Air stripping systems for the removal of dissolved phase organic contaminants. Cornelsen is the UK distributor for the original NEEP Shallow Tray Air Strippers. Our colleagues in Germany are also a distributor for the QED EZ-Tray strippers. As required we can also offer column air strippers and vacuum strippers
  • A wide range of activated carbon vessels with flow rates up to 200m3/hr
  • PerfluorAd PFAS treatment systems. Cornelsen recently won 2nd place for the NICOLE Innovated Treatment Award for our PFAS, POFS, PFOA water treatment systems.

Related Ground Remediation Technologies

  • Pilot testing
  • In-situ thermal desorption (ISTD)
  • Steam/Air Injection
  • Multi-phase extraction (MPE) Soil vapour extraction (SVE)
  • Catalytic oxidisers
  • In-situ chemical oxidations (ISCO)
  • In-situ chemical reduction (ISCR)
  • TASK (Tersus Advanced Surface Kinetics) Surfactants
  • Skimmer systems
  • Supersaturated injection
  • Electron donor solution EDS-ER