Remediation Systems, Groundwater treatment and Landfill Leachate Treatment Services

Cornelsen delivers innovative, robust, reliable and safe systems for in-situ remediation, groundwater treatment & leachate leachate.

Operating internationally from the UK and Germany and widely recognised for excellence in remediation system design, process safety and compliance, we guarantee our competence to operate, maintain and above all optimise our systems day in day out to meet project performance and up-time specifications.

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We have years of experience developing and delivering a wide range of soil remediation and groundwater  remediation systems including In-situ thermal destruction (ISTD), steam injection, In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) as well as more typical SVE, DPE and MPE systems throughout Europe and beyond.  Our ATEX rate remediation feasibility pilot testing system (Pilot Trailer) is State of the Art complete with remote data logging.