KB-1 Primer®

Anaerobic Injection Water Preparation

KB-1® Primer is used to prepare anaerobic water to disperse electron donors and protect anaerobic bioaugmentation cultures during injection into aquifers. In the past, production of anaerobic water was time consuming, and often produced water with solids that required filtration and that had pH impacts. SiREM developed KB-1® Primer as an easy to use product to facilitate anaerobic conditions during remediation injections.

KB-1® and KB-1® Plus cultures contain microorganisms that promote dechlorination of chlorinated solvents. These cultures are strictly anaerobic. KB-1® Primer creates the required anaerobic conditions while not adversely impacting bioaugmentation culture activity or viability.

Use KB-1® Primer to:

  • Rapidly prepare anaerobic water from municipal water supplies
  • Inject anaerobic bioaugmentation cultures and electron donor simultaneously
  • Save money on lengthy tank rentals/incubation periods

KB-1® Primer: Safe and Simple to Use

  • Conveniently packaged in foil pouches
  • Easily dissolved; no need to filter water
  • Works within hours of application in most water types
  • Prepare anaerobic water even at low temperatures

Anaerobic injection water prepared with KB-1® Primer meets the following criteria:

  • ORP less than -75 mV
  • pH between 6 and 8
  • Provides the conditions to maintain healthy dechlorinating populations