Pilot sequence batch reactor system for leachate treatment trial


Cornelsen has developed a fully functioning mobile containerised treatment plant enabling onsite leachate trials of between 1-2m3/per day. This has proved invaluable in testing the performance of a SBR system and thus enabling accurate sizing of the full plant. The pilot plant has full PLC driven capability with caustic soda dosing and SMS texting of plant status. All data is recorded and logged within the PLC for evaluation at any point.
The on-site pilot testing of plant has, over the years, proven to us as invaluable to the development of a correctly sized and specified full scale plant.
The initial outlay for the pilot trials are easily justifiable long term by simply ‘getting it right first time’. Subsequent modifications to incorrect plant are usually costly, take time to implement, need to have budgets diverted to them and involve embarrassment at all levels.
Cornelsen have 10+ years experience in pilot trialling treatment of contaminated waters with our remediation pilot trailer, and this experience is transferable to any landfill pilot treatment trial.