Media filters

Versatile high quality media filters suitable for use with sand, activated carbon, Anthracite, Basalt, ion exchange resins etc.

The Standard design range offers:

  • Up to 110m3/hr
  • 16″ to 60″ vessel diamters
  • 10 bar tested pressure
  • Various connection types, to all international standards
  • High quality corrosion resistance vessels, Phosphate pre-treated, Polyester coated steel
  • Varying levels of automation, up to fully automated backwash

Custom designed sizes / specifications can be manufactured upon request.

Cornelsen can supply media for these filters and any existing filters you may have:

  • Sand media
  • Carbon / charcoal media – new (virgin) & regenerated
  • Ion exchange media

In addition we can undertake removal and change of media

For further information or to obtain a quote, contact us.
To download a brochure click here – note that we advise assistance with selecting the size and shape of a media filter, according to its application.

See also the ‘Dual Vortex Filter’ range – advanced media filters that out-perform traditional sand media filters and offer considerable savings on operating expenses.