Together with our ATEX design and competency training our expertise in the contaminated land sector affords Cornelsen a very high degree of competence in this area.  Cornelsen is the authorised UK distributor for the NEEP ShallowTray® air stripper system deployed on many contaminated land projects throughout the world.

Methane is generated within the heart of a landfill and as such a proportion of the gas becomes dissolved into the landfill leachate.  When leachate leaves the landfill the methane dissolved within it will come out of solution. This can be from any amount of activity or agitation and can form pockets of explosive gas within sewers / pumping stations.

The methane can be safely stripped from the leachate in a controlled manner with a set of aerating tanks and control system. Calcification will occur from the introduction of oxygen but can be significantly reduced with the correct controls in place or with chemical dosing.