Flocculant and coagulant dosing system with pH control
Automatic air sparging manifold for remediation system


Mobile / temporary filtration / treatment systems

Temporary solutions for water & wastewater treatment

Cornelsen can supply you a temporary water treatment system built into a shipping container, or on a skid unit, for easy deployment and later removal.
Our core business for the past ten years has been the manufacture and installation / commissioning of mobile and temporary groundwater treatment systems for the contaminated land sector.
Our systems have been built into shipping containers, making them easy to move whilst remaining secure.
We have become experts in accommodating a range of plant complexities into containers & rapidly deploying & commissioning these systems into a multitude of sites & applications.

  • Water pumping & filtration
  • Water pumping, filtration & treatment – UV, RO, chemical dosing, flocculation, air-stripping, metals removal, pH adjustment
  • Delivery, Craneage, Installation all carried out by Cornelsen
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