Cornelsen is pleased to evaluate existing pumping stations, leachate control system, pipework networks, control system and leachate treatment plants for modification and / or upgrades.  We will provide a fully costed quotation for Cornelsen to undertake the necessary works.  A particularly advantageous upgrade may be the revision of the control system to include remote telemetry with SMS alarms and/or web based datalogging with real time performance from your desk top. See Control Systems and Telemetry below or click here

We are able to source any number of items and equipment for the landfill leachate industry. With the current number of contacts and buying power we are normally able to purchase at discounted rates thus providing valuable experience and value for money for clients.

Various instrumentation is used when leachate is being treated, monitored or just being pumped.

Cornelsen can specify, supply and install all of the required instrumentation for leachate management.

In order to treat leachate effectively the mixed liquor needs to be kept slightly alkaline. This can be monitored with pH probes strategically positioned within the leachate that will relay any changes to a display on the tank or via Plant PLC which can react by dosing caustic soda in controlled amounts.

Dissolved Oxygen (DOX)
The Oxygen demand of the activated sludge is critical to its effectiveness in treating the leachate. DOX probes are similar to the pH and can relate information back in the same way.

The temperature of the leachate and associated activated sludge is critical to its effectiveness of treating leachate. Most quality pH probes have built in thermometers that will relate information back in the same way.

Differential pressure sensors are used to measure the depth of leachate lagoons or tanks. Due to the aggressiveness of the leachate their specification is critical.

Electromagnetic flowmeter are suitable for all applications found in the water industry. With a high IP rating and zero maintenance, the flowmeter are able to be buried if required. Their wide flow range / high accuracy enable greater control and quality for water treatment works. The majority of water treatment flowmeters will have to be certified by MCERTS which is based on international standards.

  • Cornelsen designs and builds our own bespoke control panels;
  • We undertake PLC programming in – house;
  • We offer remote SMS alarms and dial–in remote interrogation and control via GSM;
  • We offer control system performance upgrades and will happily undertake a cost free assessment of your plant’s upgrade potential;

For Web datalogging please click here