ATEX Rated Remediation Pilot Trailer
Pilot Test Trailer for Remediation Feasibility Test
Remediation Feasibility Test Pilot Trailer System
Remediation Pilot Test Trailer PLC
Water level and vacuum monitoring for remediation pilot test


Introducing a major upgrade to the Cornelsen multi-purpose ATEX pilot system

Continuous data logging with real time remote visualisation / supervision for Project or Technical managers with charting and CSV file download


·     Groundwater levels (5 wells)

·     Applied and induced vacuum (5 wells)

·     In-line PID readings

·     In-line LEL readings

·     Dilution airflow rate

·     Extracted soil gas flow rate

·     Groundwater flow rate

This plant is usually deployed for a period of a week or two, though longer periods can be arranged. Our pilot system facilitates the trial of a range of technologies including:

·     Multi-phase extraction

·     Soil Vapour extraction

·     Air sparging

·     Groundwater abstraction

·     LNAPL skimming

·     Total fluids abstraction

·     Any combination of the above

ATEX Cat. 3 certified Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) system with integrated inlet separator, progressive cavity discharge pump and in-line Infra-Red LEL detection system (with vapour conditioning system for temperature, flow rate and relative humidity);
ATEX Cat. 3 blower for Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) or low pressure air sparging;
Compressor for high pressure air sparging or air supply for pneumatic pumps;
On-board oil/water separator, buffer tank and transfer pump;
On-board aqueous and vapour phase carbon vessels;
Pneumatic top filling total fluids pump for 4″ wells;
Pneumatic top filling total fluids pump for 2″ wells;
Skimmer pump;
Grundfos 2 1/2″ electric submersible pump;
Hoses, well caps, bungs and other fittings;
Phase converter plug for easy power connection

The system can be delivered and to site and installed inside one day by Cornelsen staff (subject to location!)