Cornelsen supply a range of SRX Remediation Pumps which are based on a simple, innovative design and built with field-proven components. The SRX is an air powered pump used to extract ground water or total fluids at variable rates equal to the well recharge rate. The SRX is available in 44mm and 88mm diameters for use in 2” and 4” wells. The SRX is also available as a top loading pump for recovering total fluids or bottom loading for dissolved phase and higher pumping rates.  This pump is also available as a Landfill Pump.


Key Benefits

  • More Uptime
  • Reliable
  • Simple Routine Maintenance
  • Competitive Price
  • Few Parts – Low Inventory
  • Easy Replacement for Existing Pump
  • Lightweight
Key Design Features

  • Advanced, positive-sealing air valves with built-in filtration
  • Tolerance for high temperatures (120 oC)
  • Complete disassembly with only one spanner
  • Stainless-steel, brass & Viton
  • Durable Ebonite float


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