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  • Application: Mains Water, quality assurance
  • Client: confidential
  • Filter type: 3″ Brushaway, stainless steel woven mesh, steel housing
  • Filtration Degree: 500 microns
  • Flow rate: 20m3/hr

A semi-automatic ‘Brushaway’ filter was installed at a food manufacturer’s factory to ensure foreign particles that might be present in the mains water supply are removed before they enter the factory and pose a risk to food quality.

To prevent the need to remove the filter for cleaning, and the associated downtime involved with this, the ‘Brushaway’ filter option was chosen, enabling cleaning to be carried out whilst the water flow is left on, keeping the factory running.

Brushaway filter installed on mains water feed

Brushaway filter installed on mains water feed

  • Application: Waste water, heat recovery
  • Client: Vision Energy
  • Filter type: 6″ SAF, stainless steel element, steel housing
  • Filtration Degree: 300 microns
  • Flow rate: 180m3/hr

A fully-automatic SAF suction scanning filter was installed prior to wastewater passing through a plate heat exchanger to recover heat from a methane gas generation plant engine, to be used to pre-heat wastewater prior to treatment..

The SAF filter’s automatic cleaning nozzles keep the screen clean from filtrate, avoiding backpressure building up and reducing the overall system efficiency.
The solids loading of the wastewater is quite high, ruling out any form of manual filter. The client required flow through the system to be uninterrupted; the SAF filter cleans whilst the process flow keeps going, making it the ideal low maintenance high efficiency solution for this process.
The filtered water will not block the plate heat exchanger, or lower it’s efficiency through fine silt deposits on the plates, thus improving heat recovery and system thermal efficiency.

SAF filter pre-plate heat exchanger

SAF filter pre-plate heat exchanger