Heat exchange system to cool hot soil vapour


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  • Application: Mains Water, quality assurance
  • Client: confidential
  • Filter type: 3″ Brushaway, stainless steel woven mesh, steel housing
  • Filtration Degree: 500 microns
  • Flow rate: 20m3/hr

A semi-automatic ‘Brushaway’ filter was installed at a food manufacturer’s factory to ensure foreign particles that might be present in the mains water supply are removed before they enter the factory and pose a risk to food quality.

To prevent the need to remove the filter for cleaning, and the associated downtime involved with this, the ‘Brushaway’ filter option was chosen, enabling cleaning to be carried out whilst the water flow is left on, keeping the factory running.

Brushaway filter installed on mains water feed

Brushaway filter installed on mains water feed