Tilted plate silt and oil separator




Silt, clays and other particulates are frequently the feature of a water treatment, groundwater remediation, pump and treat or dewatering project which can lead to the highest maintenance and can inhibit the performance of other elements of a treatment system.  Construction site dewatering projects are particularly susceptible to solids and clogging of a treatment system or to colloidal material passing right through the treatment plant – leading to highly discoloured discharge water.  Water filtration is invariably required.

Cornelsen has the plant and expertise to solve your silt / particulate problems including

  • Lamella separators or clarifiers
  • Sand filters
  • Vortex advanced automatic self cleaning sand filters and;
  • Chemical dosing (pH adjustment, flocculants and coagulants)

We can offer advice over the phone or visit site to evaluate your particulate problems including simple on-site chemical jar tests or, together with our partners Industrial Purification Systems Ltd., we have the facility to undertake simple particulate size analysis and total suspended solids test to evaluate the potential performance of our Vortex Advanced Media Filter.

Lamella separators or clarifiers are specifically designed to offer high efficiency silt separation in a compact form.  Flow is directed up through the separator vessel over a set of tilted plates.  These plates, offer a very high surface area which encourage the settlement of the silt particles which then drop to the collection chamber at the base.

Lamella separators are highly effective for particle sizes as small as 10 micron with reducing benefit down to particles as small as 2 microns below which settlement will be ineffective without additional chemical dosing.  Chemical dosing of coagulants and flocculants can significantly increase separation performance.

Cornelsen maintains a stock of sand filters ranging in size and flow rate capacities.  All vessels are available off the shelf for rapid mobilisation and can be integrated into a complete water treatment system.

Connected via either rigid or flexible piping, sand filters are used to filter out and trap suspended solids and thus prevent their continued flow through the treatment system.  Typically these will be deployed after any oil/water separation.  We are often asked how frequently backwashing is required, however, this is entirely dependant on the solids content of the groundwater pumped, the particle size and the use of other solids separation devices such as Lamella Separators.

tipTech Tip: It is absolutely essential for longer term projects to provide a backwash pump, clean water backwash tank and dirty water backwash tank.  There is little value in backwashing the sand filters with dirty water, nor backwashing this dirty water back into the main inlet tank. Backwash pumps are usually capable of higher flow rates and pressure than simple transfer pumps

Cornelsen can provide a wide range of chemicals and associated dosing systems for the typical problems encountered during groundwater/effluent treatment including for example:

  • Clays, brick dust, cement.
  • Precipitation of calcium carbonate (scale) and hydroxides such as iron manganese;
  • Bacteriological growth and fouling.

The Vortex AMF is a highly efficient automated filter capable of treating in excess of 80% of particulate as small as 0.45 micron.  Furthermore, by holding filtered solids and contaminants in suspension above the media bed it minimises backwash volumes and frequencies and prevents bio-fouling within the bed.