ATEX Certified SVE System
Soil vapour extraction system in-line infra-red LEL detection system


The design, build, sale or rental/hire of SVE systems for soil vapour extraction or bioventing

Typical Applications

Volatilisation of residual light end NAPL within the soil matrix. Quite frequently an SVE system will also be fitted with a compressor for combined LNAPL skimming or Total Fluids Abstraction, or for simultaneous Air Sparging.

Enhanced biodegradation of organics within the soil matrix by oxygenation. Whilst typically deployed for less volatile, longer chain hydrocarbons, in practice a large proportion of the hydrocarbon reduction in a typical SVE focussed project for lighter end organics will also be the result of biodegradation. This significant benefit is frequently not accounted for in mass reduction calculations.

Groundwater and NAPL recovery can be significantly enhanced by the application of a moderate vacuum. For NAPL skimming, this can be particularly advantageous where groundwater lowering by abstraction is not practical due to a high permeability/cost. For “Total Fluids” pumping it can significantly enhance groundwater and/or NAPL removal in lower permeability formations.

Vapour recovery is an essential requirement in an air sparging or steam injection/sparging project to ensure recovery of contaminants and reduce the risk of undesirable horizontal or vertical migration of the contaminants as vapour or condensates.

Cornelsen can build a system to match virtually any required design.  A typical off-the shelf system available for rapid mobilisation and hire is summarised below:

  • 10’ Steel Shipping Container with insulation, electric light and ventilation
  • Max. Air Flow:  550m3/hr
  • Max. Vacuum: -250mbar gauge (750mbar abs.)
  • ATEX Cat. 3 with in-line infra-red LEL detection system.
  • 200 litre moisture and particulate separator
  • 440 litre/min compressor for Air Sparging, or Total Fluids pumping or LNAPL Skimming
  • Control Panel with PLC and telemetry with SMS alarm text messages and remote dial in access.

High Vacuum Extraction/Multi-phase/Dual-Phase/Bio-slurping; Pilot Testing; Air Sparging; Steam Injection and In-Situ Conductive Heating, Catalytic Oxidation

Tech Tip:
Cornelsen SVE and MPE systems are fitted with the more expensive infra-red LEL detection systems as these are considerably more reliable and require less frequent calibration than the lower cost pellistor type.