Steam Injection System Installation
Heat exchange system to cool hot soil vapour
Steam and soil vapour pipework for steam injection remediation project
Steam Injection Remediation UK


Steam Injection Remediation

Together with our partners Reconsite GmbH, Cornelsen has undertaken a number of steam injection remediation projects both in the UK and wider Europe.  By the injection of a steam / air mixture the substrate is heated mainly by convection.  Contaminants which are liquids at normal temperatures evaporate quickly into the gaseous phase where they are recovered by a soil vapour extraction (SVE) system.  The water/pollutant mix ensures this occurs well below 100 oC (the point of steam distillation) thus effectively preventing loss of contaminants in a condensation front.

The inclusion of temperature monitoring points distributed vertically and laterally throughout the formation along with an in-line GC-FID and remote telemetry enables us to provide daily advice and  recommendations as required.

Recent UK projects include:

Dichloromethane – Midlands, UK, ERM Ltd.:  Remediation of groundwater by steam injection at a site in the Midlands.  The project was an emergency response to deal with the sudden loss of a large mass of dichloromethane into a very permeable formation.  Cornelsen installed the remediation system complete with all steel SVE and Steam / air injection pipework to 22 steam injection wells and over 100 SVE wells within the required timeframe and commenced steam/air injection on schedule.  In addition to the steam generator, the remediation system included a 2000m3/hr SVE system with an air blast cooler and heat exchangers to cool the incoming soil gases down to acceptable safe levels.  In addition the remediation system included a chiller and heat exchangers to condition the soil gases after the SVE system to reduced moisture and temperature and thus to dramatically optimise activated carbon consumption.  The remediation system included pneumatic total fluids pumps and a groundwater treatment system.

TCE and Toluene – Southeast UK, AECOM and Tamdown Regeneration:  A steam / air injection system undertaken simultaneously with conductive heating in alternate vertical horizons.  This project was “highly commended” in the 2011 Brownfield Awards.  The project included the use of high temperature pneumatic total fluids pumps for de-watering, SVE, high vacuum, multi-phase extraction, heat exchange and groundwater and vapour treatment systems.

Click here for a Project Reference (Both Steam Sparging and Conductive Heating)  (Download)

Click here for a Project Reference (Steam Air Injection)  (Download)