High efficiency submersible air diffuser for simultaneous aeration and rapid mixing of liquids

Suitable for both water treatment and industrial applications, the rapid mixing and aeration process helps to reverse anoxic conditions or strip undesirable chemicals like dissolved methane, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen sulphide, thus removing the need for separate mixing equipment


  • Aeration of liquid up to 1.6kg O₂/hr/unit
  • Rapid mixing of liquids
  • Easy installation in a most waters
  • Area of turbulence around each unit 1-5 metres
  • Application
    Aeration (to a depth of 2 to 20m) in

  • Lochs
  • Lakes
  • Lagoons
  • Ponds
  • Water treatment process

  • Aid processes within leachate treatment (stripping of dissolved methane & aeration/mixing of balance tanks)
  • Aid processes within industrial activities (dye waste, food processing & tannery waste)
  • Aid processes within the chemical industry (stripping of both carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide
  • Simplistic mixing of large volumes of water (tanks and lagoons)
  • Design
    With its clever venturi effect design, water is drawn around the bottom and through the centre of the aerator from the movement of the diffusing air. With the aerator suspended close to the bottom of the tank or lagoon the mixing effect can be very effective and quite dramatic. The unit is weighted to allow easy suspension/location.


  • Polyethylene body and hose connection, with an epoxy filled base.
  • Stainless steel support handles in 316
  • Hose connection sizes: 38mm
  • Unit weight: 20-25kg
  • Unit air flow rate: 25-100m3/hr