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AMIAD Water Filtration Products & Bespoke Treatment Systems

As distributors for Amiad Water Systems, the largest global filtration manufacturer, Cornelsen can deliver first class advanced water filtration technologies integrated into your existing processes and control systems, or, using our experience as industrial systems manufacturers, build your new industrial purification / filtration system.
Amiad Water Systems has focussed solely on water filtration for 50 years. Over this time, its innovation has led to the development of a comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient automatic self-cleaning filters, as well as filtration expertise second to none.

  • Full installation service available
  • Wide range of filtration degrees and types
  • Manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic self-cleaning filters
  • No chemicals or polymers
  • Minimal volumes of back-flush water
  • Mobile & temporary filtration / treatment systems
  • Service & Maintenance plans to suit your needs
  • Total Suspended Solids Testing undertaken to enable correct filter specification
  • Amiad filter parts supply for existing Amiad filter installations
  • The correct specification is critical for any filtration system to function properly and as it was intended.
    We will undertake water sampling to enable a specification to be based upon actual site conditions. With access to the full range of Amiad water filtration products, we will base the specification on the product that will best serve the application, rather than being constrained to a particular type of filtration product.
    This ensures that the client gets the best results from their water filtration system.

    Industry – Automotive, Aviation, Ballast water, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Plastics industry, Power generation, Pulp & Paper, Land Regeneration, Steel manufacture, Rail

    Municipal – Potable water, Waste water, Desalination, Brackish water, District / Building heating / cooling, Pre-filtration to membranes