A Superior PFAS Remediation Solution

Proven at full scale in multiple applications in Europe

The wide-ranging chemical and physical properties of PFAS compounds and their recalcitrance to established treatment technologies presents a serious challenge to the environment and human health and across all sectors from fire fighting & manufacturing and heir supply chains to the remediation and treatment industries.  Over 10 years ago Cornelsen embarked on a R&D programme culminating in the development of a cost-effective treatment solution


PerfluorAd® is a precipitation process wherein PFAS microflocs are generated by dosing a biodegradable agent followed by filtration of the PFAS solids precipitate for disposal or destruction.  Dosage can be infinitely adjusted to suit the concentration and type of PFAS compounds present.  Removal efficiencies in excess of 99% can be achieved for longer chain PFAS Compounds.  Longer chain compounds are more readily adsorbed onto GAC and will displace the shorter chain compounds from the GAC leading to early breakthrough of those compounds and therefore inefficient and very costly carbon use. 

PerfluorAd® treatment performance is completely unaffected by the pH, high TSS, organics etc. and as such has wide range of applications, especially those with a high load of PFAS. 

PFAS Compounds - A Snapshot


Per and Polyfluorinated chemicals - an extensive group of closely related chemical compounds that were manufactured in large quantities over the course of several decades. Two of the best known PFAS compounds perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA), often also known as perfluorinated tensides (PFT).


PFAS have been used in commercial products since the 1940s. It’s created by joining carbon and fluorine, one of the strongest bonds that can be made in organic chemistry rendering them very persistent in the environment and the human body. PFAS compounds are bio-accumulative with evidence of adverse human health effects.

Applications For Firefighting Contamination

AFFF Replacement

As PFAS containing AFFF products are replaced by fluorine-free foams, rinsing and flushing out the systems, tanks, and proportioning piping is essential.  However, residual PFAS compounds in the system leads to on-going and long-term recontamination of foams.

PerfluorAd® represents an efficient and cost-effective solution to both flushing the system and treating the rinse water.  This technology is suitable for:

  • Mobile Fire Engines, Boats & Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Tenders (ARFF)

  • Fixed Foam Extinguishing Installations

Just 3 to 5 flushes with PerfluorAd® from a typical starting concentration of 40,000 μg/l PFAS leaves a residual concentration in flush water of less than 1.5 μg/l, a 99.9% removal.  Subsequent bleeding  or recontamination is then entirely prevented.

Cornelsen has treated in excess of 50 fire appliances for the German Army and civil & aviation fire brigades.

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Recovered Firefighting Water 

Project experience has shown PFAS concentrations from several hundred to more than 40,000 ppb in recovered fire fighting fluids.  We have found telomer 6:2 FTS at concentrations well in excess of PFOS plus significant cationic & anionic surfactant concentrations and fluoro-organic compounds. 

​Related Activities

  • Firefighting on large industrial or chemical sites  

  • Firefighting Training

  • Foam Tests

Subject to source of the recovered fire fighting water, PFAS concentrations, suspended solids and other chemistry varies considerably.

However, even with dissolved organic carbon (DOC) at concentrations well in excess of the PFAS compounds and because PerfluorAd® treatment performance is completely unaffected by the pH, high TSS, organics etc.  PerfluorAd® can achieve well over 99.5% removal efficiencies.  

PFAS Contaminated Groundwater & Landfill Leachate 

The PerfluorAd® treatment process becomes more cost effective subject to the nature of the respective PFAS constituents, such as: higher concentrations and more complex background chemistries (i.e. elevated iron, TSS, DOC, etc.).

Whereas GAC is a fixed step process with limited control such that more challenging, shorter chain,  compounds will be displaced by the more readily adsorbed longer chain compounds, with commensurate early GAC breakthrough, the PerfluorAd® process is infinitely adjustable to optimise performance and cost and preferentially removes those longer chain compounds leaving the GAC process as a polish, if necessary, for the shorter chain compounds and telomeres.

Cornelsen can support you with

  • PFAS Bench Scale Treatability Tests

  • Field Scale Pilot Tests

  • Comparability, Efficacy, Cost Effectiveness Testing

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Evaluation & Optimisation

PerfluorAd Treatability Bench Test
Treatability Studies

Performed in our lab in Essen we can undertake bench trials to test the efficacy of PerfluorAd® treatment and the required dosing rate for field applications.  Pre and post treatment analyses are undertaken by a third-party accredited lab.  A useful low-cost evaluation assessment prior to field scale activities. 

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Field Scale Pilot Testing

Whilst the treatability trials and lab tests provide an essential first viability step, only a pilot test can effectively evaluate the optimum process for the site conditions and cocktail of PFAS contaminants, other contaminants & background water chemistry.

PFAS Column Testing
Comparability Testing

A comparison of PFAS treatment by activated carbon with, and without, PerfluorAd® pre-treatment can provide a true cost/benefit analysis.  Our multi-column treatability mobile plant can also be used to compare the performance of different activated carbons, the significant of which cannot be understated.

Soil & Water PFAS Treatment 

We are delighted to have teamed up with RemBind® both in the British Isles & Germany.

RemBind® is a rapid, low-cost remediation solution that binds up PFAS to prevent leaching which can cause harm to human health and the environment. The PFAS is permanently neutralised as simulated by US EPA test methods.    RemBind® has been independently validated by authorities worldwide and has been used to treat 1,000’s of tonnes of PFAS soil across Europe, USA and Australia.

RemBind® is a powdered adsorbent that binds strongly to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in soil, preventing them from leaching into groundwater where they can cause serious harm to the environment and human health.  RemBind® contains a patented blend of ingredients including aluminium hydroxide, carbon and clays.  This mixture mimics and enhances the PFAS binding capacity of natural soils.

Ask us about PFAS Contaminated Soil Remediation

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