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Cornelsen delivers a wide range of water treatment solutions for both organic and inorganic substances in a variety of applications including:

Construction sites (dewatering & treatment)

Contaminated land remediation (pump and treat)

Temporary treatment systems for industrial effluents

Industrial Water Filtration - upgrades, design & build

The overlap in technologies between these market sectors, coupled with our groundwater and industrial filtration expertise & experience allows us to bring real value to each project.  Look to Cornelsen for rapid mobilisation of off the shelf systems from our rental fleet, the adaptation of stock plant for specific site applications or a full design & build process.  Rental terms of various lengths, sale, or rent to purchase are all potential options. 

All our systems have options for full PLC control, remote control, monitoring and data acquisition to suit the client’s needs. 

Control panels are designed and built internally as well all PLC programming permitting us to more easily tailor system control to match the project requirements.

We can offer preliminary bench testing and proving tests as well as pilot trials and on-site demonstrations. Often we can provide equipment from our rental fleet for the interim period whilst a full-scale system is designed and built.

  • Settlement separation – lamella clarifiers, Oil / Water Separators

  • Chemical dosing systems

  • Metals precipitation and removal

  • Ion exchange & media adsorption

  • Reverse Osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration

  • Air stripping of volatile organic compounds

  • Ultraviolet disinfection and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

  • Quality monitoring and logging – flow, pH, turbidity, conductivity etc.

  • Heat exchange and heat recovery or cooling systems

  • PFOS / PFAS removal (Read More)

Industrial Water Filtration

As distributors for AMIAD® Water Systems, the largest global filtration manufacturer, Cornelsen can deliver first class industrial water filtration integrated into your existing processes and control systems or, using our experience as industrial systems manufacturers, build your new industrial purification / filtration system.

AMIAD® Water Systems has focused solely on water filtration for 50 years. Over this time, its innovation has led to the development of a comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient automatic self-cleaning filters, as well as filtration expertise second to none.

Whatever your requirements, be they to repair, overhaul or upgrade an existing filtration system or to design and build a new bespoke system, we will support you to develop the optimum specification.  We undertake reviews of existing filtration systems, water quality infrastructure etc. and will work closely with AMIAD® to specify the products or system that best serves your application and budget.

Wherever possible, we aim to build and test at our own facilities prior to final installation and commissioning on site in order to minimise interference with your production processes.  We understand that sometimes our activities will need to be undertaken outside your normal production activities hours.

Industrial Water Filtration Applications

  • Heating / cooling systems & cooling towers

  • Water re-use / water recycling

  • Factory effluent

  • Process water

  • Intake water from rivers, lakes, canals, surface water 

  • Food & beverage

Our AMIAD® Services

  • Sales and distribution of AMIAD® filtration technologies (NB Trademark)

  • Bespoke filtration system design & build

  • Automatic self-cleaning filters (screen, media & disc) sales and service

  • AMIAD® replacement parts

AMIAD MCFM - Automatic Self Cleaning Filter
AMIAD ABF-6000.jpg
AMIAD AMF 370K Filter.jpg
AMIAD SAF Automatic Screen Filter.jpg

Design, Testing, Specification & Implemention

Whether you have a detailed engineering specification for us to price or a performance specification to meet, it is often advantageous to undertake some field trials or proving tests at smaller scale.  The extent of your designs, nature of your site, your processes etc. will inevitably drive such decision making. 


Frequently, we may be able to deploy existing stock plant from our rental fleet for pilot / proving trials and therein save significant potential cost. 

Typical Project Stages:
  • Treatability evaluation and options appraisal

  • Bench trials

  • On-site pilot scale testing & performance demonstration

  • Detailed specification and proposal

  • Installation, commissioning & optimisation

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Industrial Water Filtration


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