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Technical Resouces


Thermal Remediation

Our Solutions

A Summary

Brownfield Briefing Awards

ERM - Winner 2018

"Best Conceptual Design" 

Remedial Strategy Development for a Complex Fractured Bedrock DNAPL site

Brownfield Briefing Awards

ERM - Joint Winner 2017

"Best In-Situ Remediation" 

Sustainable Low Temperature In-Situ Thermal Remediation of Pesticides

Brownfield Briefing Awards

ERM - Winner 2015

"Best In-Situ Remediation"

Solvent Spillage Emergency Response, using Sustainable Thermally Enhanced Degradation

Brownfield Briefing Awards

Arcadis - Joint Winner 2017

"Best In-Situ Remediation" 

In Situ Thermal Remediation Enhancement of a Dual Phase Extraction System

CO2  Supersaturated

Water Injection (SWI)

Celtic Technologies

CO2 Supersaturated Water Injection to Enhance Hydrocarbon Recovery 

Combined TCH & SEE


Undertaken in 2007, the UK's first combined steam injection and thermal conduction heating project. TCH & SEE design by Reconsite GmbH  and all thermal plant and process plant by Reconsite & Cornelsen 

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